About Us

CHARMS is now the software of choice for more than 75% of the independent fostering sector and Local Authorities are signing up at the rate of one a month. At our inaugural conference in November it became clear that there was a demand for greater support for users in the form of training and professional development. As a result we launched SCN Training at the beginning of 2014 to design and roll out a range of workshops, courses and online resources to ensure that all CHARMS users, foster parents, managers, administrators, inspectors, social workers - have access to professional training and development.

We are Unique
SCN Training is the only official training provider for the CHARMS database. No one is in a better position to help your staff and Foster Parents get the most value from your system
We are Experienced
Our staff have experience of being one of the first to pilot the completion of Daily Logs online and have been actively involved in the development of the CHARMS software.
We are Dedicated
To putting learning at the heart of the community...sharing knowledge, encouraging discussion and promoting innovation in fostering practice.